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Kirk Dewing

Kirk Dewing

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06/03/15 01:55 PM #2    

Cheryl Wassam (Forrest)

Thankyou Linda,

Your poem brought Kirk to life as a child and I could actually see him climbing trees with you by his side, or the two of you rushing up to the icecream truck when it drove through your neighborhood, with smiles on your faces from ear to ear.  Beautiful, beautiful poem, Linda.  I realize how your memories of Kirk will always bring a special feeling to your heart, forever. 

Kirk, as I recall, always had a jovial smile and he had a love of humanity.   He also liked swimming.  I would think he also had a love of all God's creatures.  See you later Kirk!

06/04/15 02:24 PM #3    

Kathleen Ulery (Pileggi)

What a beautiful tribute Linda!

06/05/15 03:28 PM #4    

Annette Story

Beautiful, Linda!


I remember when Mr. Cohen did his "marrying us off" for the class in economics, in 9th grade.  Mr. Cohen "married" me to Kirk & the job he assigned him was "coo-coo clock repair man!" LOL! BTW he didn't make a lot of money at it.  I laugh every time I think of that!

06/06/15 04:25 PM #5    

Janet Johnson

I went to school since kindergarten and kirk picked on me all the time. That boy was as honery as it gets but he was my friend and was so very sad when I heard everything he went through. I know he is now happy and conmfortable and in a much better place. Thanks to the Daleys for everything they did. you will be blessed one day for your wonederful action.

06/06/15 07:30 PM #6    

Ralph Mishler

Very nice Linda! Kirk was always fun to hang around with, you never knew what would happen.


06/07/15 05:30 PM #7    

Linda Benson (Ollinger)

Thanks Cheryl Forrest, Kathleen Pileggi, Ralph Mishler and All for stopping by Kirk's memory comment, it is much appreciated.

06/07/15 05:34 PM #8    

Linda Benson (Ollinger)

Annette Story,

That is too funny, a coo-coo clock repairman, lmbo! I forgot all about Mr. Cohen's class and marrying people off. Thanks for the memory.

06/07/15 05:52 PM #9    

Linda Benson (Ollinger)

Janet Johnson,

It's been ages since I've seen you, I hope all is going well for you.
Yes, Korky (that's what I called him) could be VERY ornery! Kirk  was one month older than I was and we lived one house apart on the same street, so our mom's had us playing together since we could crawl.
When we were about 4 years old Korky came up to me one day and and said,  "hey 'Lynnie', come here I want to talk to you." I proceeded down the sidewalk to hear what he wanted to talk to me about and he reached up out of the blue, grabbed my neck and started to choke me to death. Luckily he didn't succeed, but I wouldn't talk to him for a very long time. He finally came back up to see me one day and said he was "sorry" and would I come out and play with him?" I thought about it and finally told him I would but only under one condition, that he "agree that he would never, ever try to choke me to death ever again, or I would never play with him again forever...." He agreed to my terms and he behaved around me from then on.
I don't know where he learned some of his behavior so early in life, but I think he watched to much television. That's what he had been watching when he tried to fly. He saw Superman fly on TV, so he put on his superman cape and said, "watch this Lynnie!" He got on the basement ledge of the foundation wall downstairs of his house and just jumped! He smacked his head really hard on the concrete just as his mother came downstairs to check on us and his mom got soooo mad at him. She said, Kirk Dewing! How many times do I have to tell you that you CAN NOT fly!!!!" Poor little fellow must of had a concussion.
I heard what the Daley's did for him, may they be blessed.

06/23/15 05:18 PM #10    

Becky Riffel (Gorham)

I'm glad I got to know you! You were a kind and very funny guy. I remember you being nicknamed "Lurch" you didn't seem to mind at all.

08/06/15 02:45 PM #11    

Ron Lull

Kirk was my best friend at Maddox, met him my first day there in first grade after transferring from Clayton mid-year. The Brown brothers (Jim and Tom) were stretching me over a barrel (I had kind of a big mouth and said something wrong to one of them I guess, go figure! cheeky) and he came over and rescued me.  He was pretty big, even back then, and we hung out together and got into and out of a fair amount of trouble over those years. We were kinda like Gilligan and the Skipper in those young days (goofy, I know!) He was a fun guy, always ready to laugh. His Dad was an Englewood cop and raised him and his brother, Butch, in the old-school way, by being tough on them. As a result, he used to spend a fair amount of time at my house and loved my Grandmother and my Dad, and they were both quite fond of him. I moved away after High School and only saw him occasionally, the last time was at the 20th Reunion. We told some stories and had a few laughs and life moved on... I was deeply saddened by his passing (as were Granny and Dad), and remember him on his Birthday every year (Sept 28, 2 days before mine). I often tell stories of the adventures we had and scraps we were in. He was a good guy with a gruff exterior but a good heart and I miss him and his hearty laugh, which I can still hear if I remember real hard.

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